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One-handed Ocarina

The one-handed ocarina is:

1) the identical instrument to the 4-hole ocarina as played in whole class lessons in schools

2) fully accessible with one-hand only, either the right or left hand

3) a single component with no moveable parts, the instrument is lightweight and can be easily supported by the mouth, little finger, string, and use of one hand – One-handed ocarinas are comfortable and feel natural to play, not putting any strain on the hand, and the finger-holes can be easily covered

4) comprising 3 holes placed down the centre of the ocarina within easy reach of 3 fingers, with the fourth hole on the underside of the instrument for the thumb.  Covering different combinations these 4 finger-holes gives a semi-chromatic octave.  There is no embouchure, complex over-blowing or need for keys etc. Bespoke music tablature for the tunes played in class is provided.