These suggestions assume the use of feet, if this is not helpful then please contact OHMI.

cello floor stand


Use a floor stand to support the instrument and a bow holder to provide a toe grip on the bow.

Chapman Stick

Electric Guitar / Bass Guitar

Support a standard Guitar or Chapman Stick on the floor and use the toes of either or both feet to select the notes.

tuba floor stand


Use a Frog and Henry foot and knee operated Tuba.



Toes could be used to play an Artiphon Instrument 1. Full chords will sound in ‘Smart Strum’ mode with one digit on each side.

artiphon instrument 1

Violin / Viola

Use an Artiphon Instrument 1 on the floor and use the toes of either foot in ‘Tap’ mode or both feet in standard mode.

Why not something else?

Here are some ideas on other instruments you could try.